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Oct 13, 2007
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With every re-design and rework of anything electronic, software-related, or with "upgrades" in general, there's always a detail or two that changes how we do things. Our new WION site is no exception.

A very few of our viewers of the WION site have had issues with the main page links not working, and have found that all the links point to our pop-out audio player. This is not the fault of design, it's a browser incompatibility issue.

The users having difficulty are using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8 or older. We've duplicated this issue on a system with exactly that combination. Unfortunately, there is no "workaround" for the issue.

So, to view our site the way it's designed, if you run into these issues, please download and use an alternative browser. We've recommended Chrome by Google, or Firefox. Our site has also been tested in Mozilla's Kmeleon and, while its an older browser, simple, and no frills, it works fine!

So, if the links we present don't work properly, or your browser is acting "odd" on the WION page, please use one of the alternatives, or, as you upgrade to IE9 on a newer machine (or OS) all should be fine. Not ALL the IE8 on XP users have this issue, but we want you to enjoy the site to its fullest potential.

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