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Oct 12, 2019
SE Texas
I'm new to DIY dish TV and just got a 1000.2 w/DPP LNBF, a heavy duty tripod and a pair of Wally receivers for our 5th wheel. Had my first experience at home messing around pointing the dish. Ended up using an old ViP612 as a signal meter for what it was worth. After using the phone apps and compass, I've scanned the net for signal meters to help me do the acquisition adjustment at the tripod. The range runs from $6.99 to well over $800. I'm really not interested in spending $800 since I am trying to keep the price down, hence the 1000.2, tripod & Wallys. Is there anything moderately priced that you sat guys would recommend?
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Dec 28, 2013
Where our wheels go
I have been looking at this SWM COMPATIBLE - SATLOOK LITE SATELLITE METER. But I don't know how good it works.
"Dish Network recently made some changes to their LNB technology that requires this meter search for the correct "SPOT BEAM" for your area. When using this meter with Dish Network satellites you must download the list of spot beam transponders and search for the correct transponders for your area." Listing for Version US 11-6-2016.pdf
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