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Nov 12, 2006
Little Rock, AR
The 50 model remote's trackpad no longer works. It is paired to my Joey and has worked fine in the past. Happened last week but started working again the next day. Now it will not work again. The buttons work but not the trackpad (swipes) but the click action works.

Replaced with fresh batteries. Unpaired and re-paired with no change. The model 50 that is paired to my H3 does not have the issue. In leading up to the trackpad to stop working I notice that the swipes across the guide are not smooth and down swipes do not work at all. Now no swipes work but all other functions seem to work.

Resetting the Joey restores the swipe action but the cursor is very jerky in its movement.

Any ideas?


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Jan 4, 2016
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Unpair the 50.0 remote from the Joey and pair it to the H3 see what happens, if it still does the same thing call dish support or DIRT request a replacement......

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