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Sep 12, 2011
I am attempting to connect my remote TV (TV2) to my receiver. I have somehow misplaced my renote antenna. I read somewhere that I could use a piece of coax cable instead ? Is that true ? If so, do I need to expose the inner wire ? If not, do I need to purchase another remote antenna.

Secondly, can someone send me explicit install instructios for TV2 ?



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Oct 19, 2004
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For setting up TV2:

Firstly you need to understand that the 622 has the ability to output tunable channels for BOTH TV1 and TV2 to the remote TV.

Secondly, those channels can be either OTA channels (UHF 21-69) or cable channels with similar span. The TV(s) and the receiver must both be set to the same mode (both OTA or both cable).

To select the mode and channel for either or both TV1 and/or TV2 press MENU, 6, 1, 5 and select mode and channel on that screen.

Note the channels you have set for RF output for BOTH TV1 and TV2 so you can tune those channels on your TV(s).

The channels you select should be on a channel not used by any OTA channels in your nearby vicinity (isn't that redundant??).

For Instance I have my receiver set to output TV1 on channel 23 and TV2 on channel 26 because I have OTA channels 14, 22, 27 and 34.

I selected the lower range of channels because the lower channels have less line loss than higher channels = better picture.

For specific step by step directions log onto your account at and select "Order from Store", at the bottom of that screen there is the choice to see your manuals. On page 109 of the 622 manual are the specific and detailed directions for setting up the Agile Modulator and tuning your TVs to see it.
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