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Jul 13, 2006
How is this suppose to work on the 922. I just got a second 32.0 RF remote and was able to join it to the 922 so now I show 2 registered remotes. I though I could somehow do a restore from my backup last week that would automatically reprogram my new remote , DVD, TV, codes. It wont let you restore from the new remote saying there was no backup done on that remote. True, my original remote did a backup. What happens if you get a new 922 does it let you restore from a remote?
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Feb 10, 2007
If it's anything like the 722K it will only let you do a "backup". I recently backed up and then restored all of my timers using the system wizard. When I went to restore I thought I was royally screwed because it only said "backup". I went ahead with the backup since I really had nothing to lose and low and behold it "restored" my timers!
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