Removing Music Channels from Guide, Need Help (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2006
I like to make channel browsing as simple as possible and I generally use the "All Subscribed" function on my 622 to browse with. The problem is there's a bunch of PPV and Music channels I rarely if ever use and don't want to see. I created a personalized list to get these channels out which worked great until I realized when new channels get launched, they don't show up on my guide!!

Is there anything I can do to have simple channel browsing (eliminating the high volume rarely used channels) while still being aware of new channel launches by having them show in my guide?
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Yes, go into Locks, then Channel Locks, select the channels you don't want to see, then select Hide Locked Channels. Finish locking system. The channels selected do not show in the guide, you cannot go to the channels even if you punch in the channel number and they do not even show in searches and themes.
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