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Feb 9, 2006
Memphis, TN
I was one of the early one's to get the 622 (Febuary). Over the time I have had it, it has been OK but the little things finally got to me. On Thursday I called Dish and talked to my contact and he agreed to send me another one. I got it today and have it all activated and it is a little different. It's also a D model. The old one was a B model. I'll let you know how it works out.


Feb 9, 2006
Replacement on the way...

New receiver arrived 5/11. Installed quickly, no problems so far...

Got my first 622 on March. Worked fine until last month, then progressive problems began to emerge; video freezes, sync issues, lost timers, lost recordings, then dead. Complete and total HD failure. Unit is well ventilated.

Called DISH. After about an hour they agreed to give me a $9 credit, pay shipping, and replace the unit (lease). That was Sat. Unit is supposed to be here tomorrow (5/11)
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