Replacement 722


Miller Lite Tester
Oct 2, 2006
Benton, Arkansas
During last weeks uplink, my 722 wasn't getting the new channels. Called dish and the CSR had me REDO, all the things I had already done. Check switch as well as soft and hard reboots. No help. He said my 722 needed to be replaced, and I said I don't think so. Told him to forget it, got patched to Tech support and asked for a rehit. All is good. Took him 2 seconds. Got an email today stating my replacement will be here in 3-5 days. WTF. The first dude sent it anyway. Here is my question. I currently have a 722 and a 522. Will dish allow me to keep the other 722 and send back the 522? If so what other charges will I pick up the the seond 722? Or do I just need to send the replacement back? Thanks in advance.