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Jun 9, 2005
Help me out guys. I am having a problem with 2 21.0 replacement remotes I purchased. I just pulled them out of the packaging. When I insert the batteries, the SAT button lights up green, then goes off after about 5 minutes. Push any button to try and program the remote, and the SAT button lights up again for another few minutes. Both remotes are doing this, so I must be missing something. Are the remotes defective, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help.
Have you address the remote to the receiver yet? Do that first and then see if once it is address to the receiver it will address to other devices as well. Go to the system info screen and press the record button on the remote 3 times and see if it will work the receiver. If not, please let me know and I will try and assist you further.

Thank you HIFI, since it took me 12 minutes to update my post!! lol
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I have tried that. I've tried Sys Info then hit record once. I've also tried Sys Info then hit record three times. I bet I've done that two dozen times. LOL! When I do that, the SAT button just stays lit, and nothing happens. Thanks.
You have to make the new remotes match the previous address(s). After you press and hold Sat button until all buttons light up, enter the number for primary/secondary remote address from sys info screen into the 21.0. Press #, then record.

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