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Apr 12, 2006
I currently have two 322s pushing 4 SD TVs and one 211k with EHD pushing a HD TV. THe 322s are leased, the 211K was purchased. I want to add another HD TV. So, I am considering replacing one of the 322s with a 222K. I see three options:

1. Upgrade to the 222K through Dish - they want $100 and 24 month commitment to upgrage on lease and return of one of the 322s.
2. Purchase the 222K through Dish - they want almost $500 (crazy price) and the return of one of the 322s.
3. Buy a 222K from DISHSTORE for $119. Then contact Dish to swap it out electronically - I will not need a physical visit. They will want the 322 back.

I am leaning towards option 3. Any opinions on the other options? Any idea if Dish will charge me some sort of admin fee since I would not be buying from them?

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