RG6 connector on RG59 cable


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Jul 12, 2020
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I know this is a satellite board, but this is a general coax question so I hope you'll indulge me

I have a short (<15 ft) run of RG59 cable from the dmarc into my apartment. Sadly the RG59 coming out of the wall is too short to be usable, so there is a barrel connector to some RG6, then into a cable modem.

I'm having sporadic trouble maintaining carrier on the modem, which has gotten much worse since the weather has gotten warmer. I've had the cable guys out who have changed the connectors multiple times. But then it dawned on me that they are using and RG6 connector on both ends of my RG59 cable, along with a barrel connector designed for RG6. With the center being 18 AWG on RG6 vs 20 AWG for RG59, along with the narrower diameter of the outside, I'm starting to believe that my issue is that these are likely the causes of the noise.

The short run of RG59 is fastened somewhere within the wall and behind a fireplace in an apartment building so I cannot make a new run.

Any thoughts? Anybody know of a RG59-RG6 transition connector?


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Jan 4, 2007
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I would just use RG59 F connectors and cross my fingers. If that doesn't help, then the cable is probably bad in some inaccessible location. :(
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A barrel connector is a barrel connector.

Your really supposed to use RG6 cable ends with RG6 and vice versa with RG59.

Although you can sometimes get an RG6 connector to fit on RG59.

If your dealing with a RG59 jumper, just replace the whole cable.
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Nov 25, 2003
I think Bobby's solution is to put a male RG59 F-Connector on the RG59 coming out of the wall, fasten that to one end of the F-Barrel, and use proper RG6 cable for the rest of the run with male RG6 F-Connectors.


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Jul 14, 2005
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Also have to consider how old the structure is, when you say they went cheap ... RG6 may not have been available when it was built .
Personally, I would try to run new RG6 to a new location, if at all possible.
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Keep in mind that the thread starter is in an apartment. That tells me that he is probably renting that apartment. It's not so easy for him to, possibly, tear apart walls to replace that 15' of RG59. That short lead isn't going to make a difference to his internet service anyway. I'm inclined to believe that the noise he is experiencing is outside of the building...
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