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Nov 22, 2007
I have a Dish Network Exede satellite internet system. The dish is approximately 200' away from the modem, connected by RG6, solid copper, ~ 8 year old, cable running through conduit. The long run, per the dish network tech, results in poor cable attenuation (20.1 db) and less than ideal (though generally pretty good) internet service.

To improve service, he suggested using RG11, solid copper, direct burial, quad shielded cable. The problem is that RG11, solid copper, direct burial cable does not appear to exist (except Belden #7732A which would cost over ~$1,000 for the 200 ft). I understand that satellite systems work best with solid copper to conduct electricity to the lnb but that RG11 would perform substantially better as to signal loss.

So, my question(s) are:

1. Is there a RG11, solid copper, direct burial, quad shielded cable that I can purchase for say less than $350.
2. If not, am I better off with an RG11, copper clad steel, cable along the lines of the Belden 1618A cable which should improve the signal.
3. Or, a high quality RG6, solid copper, cable which would conduct electricity well (better than RG11?) but not help as much with the signal loss.

You should just about quadruple your signal strength (about 6 dbw) with the copper clad RG11 when compared to your existing cable run. So. no need for more than RG 11 copper clad.

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