Roku Announces Its Own Free Movie Channel


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Dec 19, 2004
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"The Roku Channel is a new, free channel that will aggregate existing and new no-cost content in a single app. The eponymous channel will offer movies from new Roku partners including MGM, Sony, Warner and Lionsgate, intermixing them with free content from existing Roku channels such as FilmRise, OVGuide, Popcornflix, YuYu and Vidmark, among others."

Roku Channel delivers more free movies to cord cutters

Though I probably wouldn't watch older, ad-supported movies, I like the idea that Roku is pulling them all together into one convenient channel, kind of like PlutoTV has done. Let the aggregation games begin!
I just tried adding it from their channel store to my Roku 3, and it basically says it's not available right now, and that I have to wait until they roll it out. So, it sounds like everybody will get it automatically at that point.
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I tried to add it too and received this message:
The Roku Channel is only available on current generation Roku devices. There are no devices linked to your Roku account that support this channel. Check out our latest selection of Roku devices.

I bought the latest Premiere+ model in June, which I immediately added to my account, so obviously that's incorrect. I know it will roll out to everyone eventually; just strange that they simply didn't put it that way.
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works on the Ultra.
The Ultra is the first Roku device to have access to the channel. Other devices will be rolled out over time.

It may help to check for software updates. I believe it needs to be 8.0 for most set-tops.
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I tried updating my Ultra and it didn't find anyting. Then I looked at Streaming Channels and there it was. I downloaded it and it works fine.
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