Rumors/news about new channels????


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Apr 11, 2004
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Anyone heard anything about them finally adding DiscoveryHD and InHD2? I know we don't have them but just wondering what the word on the street is these days. Haven't heard anyone complaining about it lately so I figured I'd start complaining about it again. :)

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MergaTroy6 said:
they'll have it just as soon as they finish up that deal for Turner Classics.

Had me for a second there, but seriously any news pass by you on and new channels and what happended to the Optonline 20/2 beta? Thought when it was over and the end of setember they would start offering it in October.
unfortunately, I haven't heard of any new channels.

I asked someone in engineering about 20/2 online. They need to wait for marketing and are using the time to work out as many kinks as possible.

Wish I had more news, things are quiet in the office lately. There is a lot of minor stuff being done, like website creation and bug fixes, nothing major.

Where are the Voom channels!? Cablevision owns them for God's sake.

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