RV (waiver) and home receiver on same acct?


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I have 2 dish receivers at home. I want to take one in my RV when I travel, and use it at home when I am home. I do not have an RV waiver for distants. Can I get the RV waiver and use my same receivers when home or on the road?


That's what I do. I just make sure that all my receivers are connected to the phoneline unless I am actually away and using some in the RV.
RV waiver must be on account by its self. n0qcu just takes one of his home receivers with him when he roams.
Direct TV requires them to be on a separate account.

With Dish they can be on the same account with multiple receivers IF and only IF, you leave it plugged into a phone line most of the time.

You can leave for a week or so with it not plugged into a phone line and the audit department wont care. The key is it must dial in each month or you will be FORCE to put it on a separate account. Missing one dial in will require a separate acocunt for the RV waiver.

I have an RV waiver with 2 receviers. They are plugged into the phone line all but a few weeks out of the year.
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There is so much mis information in this thread it should be locked, but here is the actual RV & truck waiver form that must be submitted to E*


To the op, please read it for yourself

I have read it. It does not answer my question. There must be people who use Dish in their RV (with a waiver) and at home. Do they have one account or 2? According to ScottChez, they will allow it all to be on one account.

The form simply states that the dish ANTENNA is permanently mounted to the vehicle and won't be used at a fixed location. It says nothing about the receivers.
Why have a waiver if you need to worry about missing a dial-in?

Plus, it looks like you had a 2nd part of the question that was not answered - that is - Distant Network Stations while on the road.
Dish says all receivers on an account must have the same programming.

Probably need to call dish 5 times and take whichever answer they give you 2 out of 5.
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