Sad, sad sad...Iraqi teens ambushed two U.S. soldiers

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Sep 8, 2003
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In a shocking act of savagery, a bloodthirsty pack of Iraqi teens ambushed two U.S. soldiers yesterday, dragging them into the street and mutilating them.
Their bodies were so badly mangled, it could not immediately be determined whether they were shot and then mutilated - or if they were beaten to death.

At least one witness said it appeared the soldiers' throats had been slashed.

Yesterday's ordeal recalled a similar attack in Somalia in 1993, when a warlord gang dragged the corpses of Marines through the streets after downing their Black Hawk chopper. The ugly incident quickly caused the U.S. to abandon its mission in Somalia


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Sep 6, 2003
"bloodthirsty pack of Iraqi teens"

Wonder why they are so pissed at us huh?
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