Samsung Plasma TV Wins Flat Panel Shootout Evaluation


SatelliteGuys Master
May 29, 2006
Lower Alabama
Glad to see the F8500 brung it. Pressure is good.

If buying this year, id still go with the VT60. Samsungs big claim to fame this year is panel brightness, but they are still down on black level, and considering i calibrate to 35-37fl, brightness is not paramount for me.

I think a lot of calibrators are recommending this years models depending on your room, if its a little brighter, get a F8500, if controlled (mine) get a VT60. Even with blinds open 36fL is fine by me, but I only have contrast on my VT50 at 82, I can easily attain 40fL. The F8500 is still king here.

As far as the F8500 winning on sharpness, that is one good thing I noticed on the D7000 I had. Something in Samsung's processing produces a more sharp image than Panasonic can, and I did like that. Great year for anyone buying plasma.



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