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Feb 11, 2006
I am going to install 2 more Dish receivers in my home.What is the best cable to use for this install.



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Jul 20, 2005
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Save yourself some trouble. Buy online RG6 that has the "Perfect Vision" label. It will be good stuff. I previously used RG6 from HD, and it was fine. I decided to get "better" RG6 and bought from Rexel Electric. When I picked it up, I said wait, this looks like RG59. He said "all the contractors use it" (should have set off warning bells) and had me read the cable, which said RG6. The insulation looked thin and sprayed on. I was under the gun, time-wise and took it. Ran it all thru my new house.

Along come the Dish guy to do a Dish Mover. Used my cable, which I had run to the roof. He didn't look happy. Sure enough, one line only picked up even transponders, IIRC. One line dead. Other lines ok. We ran new coax that he had. No problems. Talked about which coax to use, including a bit on how thin the stuff I had was, and how compression didn't work well with it. And then he popped off a crimp connector very easily. Insulation was too thin.

He said they only used Perfect Vision coax, connectors and compression tools. So I ordered it all from Solid Signal (best price) and will replace all the old. And I'm moving to compression from crimping. And it was cheaper than Rexel.

Bottom line: Buy the best stuff you can, install it the best you can, and you'll have less rework, repair & headaches.

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