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Sep 3, 2011
Hi everyone.
I'm from Ecuador.

I want to buy another satellite finder, right now i have the firststrike FS1, this one is very good it is very sensitive, but with the time it start to give me some troubles :(
Right now it some times, doesnt show Signal, but the LNB is conected, and then I need to turn off the meter and wait a couple minutes in order to start work again.

Now i see these satellite meters.

Trimax SM-3500.
Satlink WS6912.
SatHero SH-200.
8detek DSM Desired.
FS2. (this one is new and I can't see who is selling it).

Well I want to ask for help.
Maybe there is some people that all ready bought one of these satellites and can share his experiences with every one.

I need a metter that has:
*Very good sensitive (Can detect even a week signal), because I want to catch some satellites that has low coverage here. I have a 2.4 offset prodelin.
*dvb-s2 capability.

Thanks for your hep.
Please reply by conversation.

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