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    Well for me, I stream my home security cameras over the web. Among other reasons mom gets a kick out of seeing her boy practically every day at the click of a mouse. :D

    And I sometimes download Amazon unBox and I have 2 Vonage lines but besides that I probably fall into the constant surfer/ email category. I don't download a lot really. But this usage thing has me concerned also. One reason is that my upload bandwidth is insufficient mainly due to the cams, which run 24/ 7.

    Recently TW announced it will start charging fees for certain users. I also took my 1st look into a wireless modem plan which has a base monthly fee plus overages.

    So how can you actually monitor your own usage to try to stay under any possible current or future caps or overage fees? Seems like there should be a better method available than a calculated guess.


    Well I went back and read some more of the posts in this thread and now see this probably wasn't the best thread to post to since the issues here are more concentrated on satellite broadband specifically. But the more I read about some of these starved FAP connections the more I'm glad I didn't go that way! Dish Network was trying to steer me towards it just last week when I told them I was closing my DBS account because my broadband was too slow and cable broadband required video service for the speeds I desired. Man would I have been fuming!
  3. Download DU meter, nice small utility that will keep track of everything going in and out. keeps an hourly, daily and monthly tally

    download it here
  4. Fantastic!

    I'm out of town right now but downloaded it to my laptop to get a feel for it. Looks like just what I was looking for!!
  5. hi, this also might help (for HughesNet only)

    Husage: A Better HughesNet Usage Report

    www dot husage dot net

    (forum wont let me post the real link)
  6. Can we say DumbIce!!! He thought you fixed him up for FREE D/L'ing and didn't give a damn about what you explained to him!
    Hence all that d/l'ing he did. What gets me is he was pissed at you after some strange reason they shut him down, hummmm......
  7. I really appreciate the update!
  8. We have 50 Megabits, and can opt to go to 100, if we like.

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  9. Yeah well I posted that 5 years ago, when it was not as common. ;)
  10. 2003Tbird

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  11. But now doubt their speed is much faster for downloading, surfing and uploading files.
  12. Things are a lot different now than they were ten years ago when this thread started. ;)
  13. Yep, things have changed dramatically since then. :D
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  14. Updating this thread from a year and a half ago: satellite internet still sucks and customer service from went from 1 1/2 STARS to 1 star.
  15. Which service do you have? Excede or Hughes?
  16. As long as the providers (Hughesnet, Exceed) promise service comparable with fiber-based broadband, nobody's going to be satisfied.
  17. I don't know about Excede, but I have never seen Hughes themselves do this. Now I have seen these re-sellers/installers with signs stuck up every, and they will promise the world to get an install.
  18. You must have missed their national TV spots.
  19. I have Excede only because I live in the sticks. Hope I did not sound harsh, must of my frustration comes from data caps and customer service. They do provide internet to all those that have no options. Cord cutting (streaming entertainment) is not an option if you need to stay within data quotas. I have found some great ways to view content offline.
  20. Yep, don't watch many commercials. :)
    I can believe it though. I was just going by experience as an installer. Now when Wildblue was in full swing, man did that cause a mess. Their reps would tell them all kinds of crap. I got to the point when installing Wildblue...
    I would make sure the customer understood this was not fiber, DSL, etc. I have had installs that the customer called and canceled while I was on the site, because they had other alternatives.
    "Sir, why did you want Wildblue installed", ... They would say because this, that, or the other about something the rep told them it was better.
    Especially the ones that I know just moved from a major city, I would make sure they knew what they were getting into, before I installed. I lost a few installs, but guess who would be the one going back to de-install and hear the crap from the customer.
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