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Mar 6, 2006
Not sure when did this software feature go in (I have VIP622 with software L512), but I just noticed that if you hit the INFO button twice on an HD channel, there is a little satellite icon with 61.5, 110 or 129 displayed. Interesting to see which channels my receiver picks (some HD channels are beamed on both 61.5 and 129 is my understanding)... I have VIP622, dish 1000 and dish 300 pointed at 61.5
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Sep 28, 2003
Round Rock, TX US
It was added in L510, IIRC. It's interesting as I see some channels on 61.5 one day and 129 the next.

It's useful to know which it's on. Why would it matter once it's on the HDD for the DVR?

I applaud Dish for doing it. :)
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