SatelliteGuys 2019 Team Summit Review (1 Viewer)

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Apr 18, 2008
hey scott if i say with the voice remote tunein go to this channel it will work am i right about this?


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Jul 20, 2005
Northern VA
Haven’t they already cancelled one?

Can we get BOTH the Veteran’s deal AND the 55+ deal?

No stuffed kangaroos? No kangaroo entree on the Sportsman channel?

BTW, a small critique. I don’t know how widely this video will travel, but a larger or more readable SG sign on the mic might be good. Can’t read it as is, at least not on an iPhone XS Max.

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Aug 28, 2013
Western PA
Wasn't sure which Team Summit thread to post in....But I just had a Dish call me and set up a Tech to come out and check for possible signal issues, which was a positive experience.

While we were chatting, I shared what Scott had shared with us about the Team Summit 2019 meeting. Not surprised he hadn't heard the news, but discussed the Snap...AirTv..Google Assistant intergration ...OTA meter..5G info with him. He was generally excited about the OTA meter and 5G info especially. Showed him some of the pictures Scott had sent back.

Nice to hear some positive news for a change, about the choices we make for our entertainment. Sometimes blugras negativity links might be reality for Dish now and the future, and the channel take downs..HBO drama etc. I like to hear some good news once in a while..

Glad to hear about DIRT possible return :everybodydance

Thanks for being our eyes and ears Scott.



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Apr 6, 2012
IL Suburbs
Thanks, Scott! Good information.

I wondered how nervous James Wilde was in having to do a live demo of voice search. ;)

"activate nap mode"
"activate NAP mode"
"ACTIVATE. NAP. MO..." Son of a... <walks over to devices to manually activate nap mode>
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