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Sep 7, 2003
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With the needed changes I wanted to take a moment and dedicate this forum in memory of a true satellite pioneer, John Hotsenpiller.

Known on the satellite forums as JohnH, John was the godfather of Uplink Reports. John started posting uplink data way back in the days of DBSDISH.COM / DBSforums.COM. John also posted uplink info to DBSTalk and then finally cam here to SatelliteGuys and helped us launch our automated Uplink Report software.

John was a true SatelliteGuy he would help anybody with their satellite issues or questions and it did not matter what forum they belonged to. He was proud to share his knowledge with others.

A good part of what makes our uplink report work was hand written by JohnH in GW Basic. If you ever saw the source code you would say there was no way a human coded that. But JohnH did and he did it all by hand.

I asked him how he did it all by hand as it was (and is) so complex, JohnH laughed and said that he started off writing just to get one bit of information out of the uplink data stream, after he did that he wanted another piece of information and after that more. This jumble of code was built up over time into the code we use today.

Its ironic, as the same day we learned about the passing of our friend John Hotsenpiller the software he wrote for us stopped working. For an entire month we were without uplink reports. It took Digiblur and a highly experienced GW Basic programmer a month to figure out John's uncommented code.

I am sure JohnH was smiling down and Digiblur and his helper as they worked to fix his code, yelling down to them "I know you can do it."

And they did!

Thank you JohnH for all the gift you gave all of us who had a chance to work with you! Thats why tonight, I am proud to dedicate the SatelliteGuys Uplink Center in memory of Mr. John Hotsenpiller.

Thank you John!!

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