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Oct 13, 2003
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I posted this over in the installer forum but there's not much activity there. I need to get 129 for the new HD channels and therefore need to get my meter working again:

I used to occassionally help out a full time installer. I have a SATHAWK 4000 that I have not used in at least a couple years that I charged fully (only took an hour) and then turned on. It has been stuck on "Initialsing..." (sic) for over an hour now. Should I turn it off and then back on or just wait?

Also, I need to download the latest firmware. I have done this before but doubt it is current. Is there anything special I need to do or do I just download the latest version from Sadoun and install it? My PC still has the software (driver?) I needed for the initial F/W upgrade. Thanks.

Anyway, I turned it off and back on and that stopped the "Initialising" loop. Then downloaded the latest sat info update (V2.4) from Sadoun and installed it without any issues (which is darn near an amazing feat for a non-geek like me). :D That added 72.7 and 77.

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