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Sep 7, 2003
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We have decided to get rid of Vonage since SBC is now offering unlimited In State and Out of State calling for a flat rate of $54 a month.

(I loved Vonage, however it seems whenever I needed to use the phone I was also transfering data and therefore could not call using Vonage)

Anyways I called SBC at 1-866-999-6181 and was greeted with a message thanking me for calling SBC, I was then given a menu of options, with option 1 being "For information of SBC / DISH NETWORK, press 1"

I didn't press the button but ordered my unlimited calling service. While I was on the phone I asked the rep what the SBC / DISH NETWORK stuff was about, I was told he wasn't trained yet, but from what he knows if you sign up for SBC Yahoo DSL Internet you get something like $7 to $10 off your Dish Network Bill each month. I asked him if he could clarify and he said he could not but would transfer me to the Dish Network / SBC Specilists. When I got transfered I got a recording to call back tommorow as the office was closed.

Somethings up. :)

No router in the house? I just ordered Packet8 Service (see and they have an unlimited plan for $20 a month. The bandwidth used for a phone call shouldn't bog down your internet connection at all (or vice versa).

Too bad we dont have SBC available here, otherwise I would have to see what kind of offers they have on other products (DSL, etc.)

I do have a router here (and also a wireless setup) however the problem is with my upstream bandwidth, I have been uploading a lot of things and eating most of my upstream bacuase of that the Vonage is not good for me. :)
BellSouth and Direct TV kicked off their bundle plan about 30 days ago. It's not very attractive... it's not even selling well with BellSouth employees, who get an extra $99 rebate over 3 months as a "special" deal....
Scott are you saying SBC in Connecticut is finally offering unlimited local and longdistance!!! I have been waiting for so long for this.

This is the former SNET right?

What telephone number did you call to get hooked up with this. Also do you get caller ID on this plan?
SBC's "all-you-can-talk" plan is $49.95 for me (former SWBell area)...
Be very careful. Often these plans have hidden fees. I am notsaying this one does but it is fairly common.
This one has fees, but they are the same as most any other plan. The ones that come to mind are Federal End User Common Line Charge, Federal Universal Service Fee, Number Portability Service Charge, Municipal Charge, FCC Approved Customer Line Charge, 911 Service Fee, and Federal, State, and Local Taxes... Did I forget any?

All of the charges and taxes above add about $13-15 to my bill.
My Vonage had the same charges. (Plus Vonage wacked me a $40 cancelation fee as well)

BTW something interesting to add about SBC / Dish Network is that this week there is a special Dealer Cruise held by Dish Network, its where Charlie and Jim go on a Cruise with Dish Networks best/biggest retailers. Charlie is not on the ship, and the dealers who are on the ship are not happy.

There have been mentions on our sister site DishRetailer.COM that dealers are meeting together on the ship and talking about a lawsuit against Dish Network.

Also talked to a friend who is a lawyer for SBC and was told he had to go to Texas last week for a big meeting about Dish Network, but wouldn't say more.

It still would not surprise me to hear more SBC buying Dish Network talk, even though Charlie is now denying it. Many think Charlie denying is just a way to get more money out of SBC.

Let t he speculation begin on why Charlie is not on the cruise. :)
Scott Greczkowski said:
Let the speculation begin on why Charlie is not on the cruise. :)

He's practicing how to call BINGO numbers so he can run the next Bingo TV show :D

Maybe Charlie just thought is was safer to not me stuck on a boat out in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of unhappy retailers, nowhere to run and hide.
I called SBC in Connecticut @ 811 this morning. The CSR was very good. I was inquiring for a friend. .

Her Cablevision is their "Basic Package" plus their "Family Pack" it has almost the same channels as the Top 120 package. She would lose Oxygen, Soap Net and WNBC from NY City.

The Top 120 would add more ESPN channels,some family channels like Noggin, Toon Disney, FamilyNet plus the West coast feeds of several channels.

She has just a very basic phone service with local calling and uses paid cards for long distance.

If she takes the SBC combined phone/DSL/Dish basic deal her phone would be $40.73. This includes all the caller ID and other phone services, .10 for local and out of state long distance. There is no monthly fee for the long distance. DSL is $29.99 per month. Top 120 is $33.99 per month.

This is how the services compare

Cable: Basic $10.45, Family $36.30, cable box $4.07, Remote $.27, = $51.07
Cable modem service $42.95
Basic phone $30.00
Total $124.02

Dish Top 120 with locals 522 receiver $33.99 plus $4.99 receiver fee $38.98
DSL $29.99
Phone service all phone services with .10 local and out of state long distance $40.73
Total $109.70

Plus taxes
Thanks so much Scott!!

I have the phone for business and need reliability and good sound quality. Otherwise I would have gone Vonage a long time ago. Also my wife would not be able to get use to having to dial the area code for local calls.
The deal I have with Qwest is $.05/minute up to a maximum of $20 then all long distance is free after that & I get my DSL for $26/month. There are no hidden or extra fees, just a nickel a minute up to $20 then it's free.
For anyone interested in high-speed internet, I discovered an offer for SBC DSL at $29/month WITH a $75 rebate from DELL Computers. Note that NO COMPUTER PURCHASE FROM DELL IS REQUIRED - you just have to sign-up through Dell's web site - link below.

Also, note that this link offers rebates from Dell for up to $100 for other highspeed providers as well:
"$75 mail-in rebate from Dell just for getting High-Speed Internet thru Dell Home Systems. These providers include: EarthLink, Cox, DIRECWAY, Qwest, Charter Communications, Mediacom, Verizon Online, Optimum Online, Comcast, Sprint, and SBC Yahoo! DSL. (Where available, access and provider choices you are offered depend on the availability in your area)."

I signed up for Earthlink broadband (through Dell - with NO PC purchase) last summer and got a $75 rebate from Dell back then. Included installation, $29/month for 1st 6 months, free modem, free installation, NO commitment, etc.

This is not an advertisement for Dell, but they "sure know how to run a business and threat customers right". If only I could say the same for E*.
FWIW, in some areas (mine included), Cox does not offer retailers the ability to sign up customers. If you intend to go with Cox, you should check first to see if Dell can activate you or not...
rtt2 said:
Thanks so much Scott!!

I have the phone for business and need reliability and good sound quality. Otherwise I would have gone Vonage a long time ago. Also my wife would not be able to get use to having to dial the area code for local calls.

Whoa, where do you live that you dont have to dial an area code for local calls? Even my grandparents who live in podunk got switched over to the 10 digit dialing awhile ago.

Sorry for the OT post h :yes
Fairfield County CT We're located about 30 minutes outside of Manhatten. (without too much traffic) :)

Don't know why we have 7 digit dialing but am very grateful for it.
HokieEngineer said:
Whoa, where do you live that you dont have to dial an area code for local calls? Even my grandparents who live in podunk got switched over to the 10 digit dialing awhile ago.
There are a lot of areas with 7 digit local dialing.

The FCC requires 10 digit dialing (or more) in areas where an area code has been overlaid. Many metro areas have gone to 10 digits for this reason - and there are a few states that went the overlay route statewide where 10 digits is the norm (even if every local call you ever can make is in the same area code).

Some areas (like the north side of Chicago) require 11 digits on every call, local or long distance. Very stupid IMHO. (And other areas of Chicago still allow 7 digit dialing, for now.)

The biggest problem is assuming that the rest of the country is just like your town or state. For example, 7 digit local dialing across the state line between Niles Michigan and South Bend Indiana just went away two years ago (it is now 10 digit local between states and 7 digit local within your own state). But the Northwest Indiana/Chicago Suburbs have required 11 digits between states for at least 20 years (even for calls billed as local).

Fortunately E* boxes call a toll free number when they need to report in. They don't have to worry about local conventions as long as 1-8xx works.

I was referring to fess above and beyond those mentioned by aperry and Mr. Greczkowski. I have seen numerous stories in the media about people signing up for "unlimited" plans only to discover that they were in fact limited in some way with significant fees if certain levels of usage are exceeded. One local news story here showed a bill for one family. The $49.00 bill became over $200.00 because of fees.

I am just suggesting using caution.

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