Scheduled for Superdish on December 2nd.


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Nov 26, 2003
I'm scheduled for the Superdish install on 12/2. I will be getting the Springfield, MO locals which have just been moved to 110 so I no longer need the SD.

My alterior motive for the install was to improve my current setup:

On my Dish 500 dish: 501 and 2800
On an old D* dish pointed at 61.5: 6000

Free with the SD, I'd get the DishPro adapters for the 2800 and 6000 and also the switches to combine the satellite signals to get them all on all three receivers. Also, a 921 is in my future so I'd ask the installer to set it up for plug-n-play when I get my hands on one.

If I cancel the SD and still want all signals for all receivers, I don't need the adapters but I'll have to buy and install the switches.

The size of the SD is not a problem.

The question will be moot if the installer calls and cancels but if not, should I cancel the install?
personally i woudlnt cancel if they are willing to hook you up with a SD, just because HD currently isnt going there, doesnt mean it wont be utilized in the future. They have a decent lease on 105 and the new AMC bird goes up in 04 so they will be using that for more than locals, its just a matter of time. At least thats how i see it.. They can only cram so much HD on 110
Thanks, mattb, for your reply. Should I keep the second dish at 61.5? I don't think I'll need it since I've only been using it for CBS-HD which should now be on 110?
Superdish in Springfield

Because Springfield MO is not a 105 satellite and you don't need superdish for HD you will have to pay full boat for Superdish because there is no "free upgrade offer in your local area now" you need to call your installer before he shows up or better yet cancels we had some Oklahoma installs can back to "full charge" because of "no free upgrade offer for that area"

I don't think Dish can charge me for the SD install unless the installer tells me first that I'll be charged for it. Last word from Dish was the install is free (with one-year commitment to the locals).

Just in case, I'll confirm it with Dish on Monday. Thanks for the warning.
I would NOT get rid of your 61.5 dish,

ONE never knows "what" is gonna go on "what" later on.

At least keep it as a reserve,
even if they "can't" incorparate it into your new setup.
On the last retailer Charlie chat retailers were told if there are any Superdish installs scheduled up until Decenber 8th (in a market that was supposed to have locals on Superdish but have been moved or otherwise) that we should still go ahead and do the install. Which means the customer will get the Superdish for free. If anyone has a Superdish install setup for after December 8th then they will NOT get it for free.

As for the 61.5 dish, if you have one installed DO NOT take it down because it is almost a given that future HD will be on the wing satellites and not the Superdish. For the near future any additional HD will go to 110 but when enough HD channels come online the wings are going to be the place for those additional channels. Charlie said that whatever HD channels end up on the wing satellites will be part of a upgraded HD package that will require the second dish but for those wanting the more basic type HD package it will be on the Dish500 dish.

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