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Dec 20, 2007
After banging my Fortec Star 80 cm against the ground one too many times, it's gotten to the point that it's not good for much anymore. I never was totally happy with the size and I was contemplating buying a larger dish, when opportunity knocked :D My parents had been Direcway/HughesNet subscribers for about three years, and DSL has finally become available at their place, so they discontinued the HughesNet service. Long story short, they're no longer wondering what to do with the old dish!

I am at my parents' place right now and I'm testing with the existing LNBF assembly and with the dish still in place where it had been, professionally installed. It was pointed at G11. Signal quality is about 15 ticks higher with this dish than it had been with my Fortec in its sorry state... very promising. I'll report back when I get it back to my place and get it installed.


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Feb 22, 2006
Lineboro, MD
I also have a direcway dish, but it has no lnb/support arm. I'm hoping to find another one to get more parts. I am using a starband dish ( another satellite internet dish ) pointed at G10R. It's very similar in size to direcway. I wish I could find some use for the lnb/transmitter that originally came with it. Congrats on the free dish. It's always fun to find 'em.
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