Scott wins a 921 on tech forum channel 101!


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Dec 11, 2003
Well done, Scott. I assume "Scott from Connecticut" is the Scott that posts here a lot.

ya, iam thinking the same thing.
lucky scott!
scott, can you send it me?:)
sell it maybe ?
Yes it was me who won.

I was kind of surprised. I called in about 30 seconds after they read the question. Then got a recording welcoming me to the "Charlie Chat Contest Line" I was on hold with the recording for over 5 minutes when a lady answered the phone. I gave her my answer and she told me I won.

Now I have a problem on my hands.

I WANT TO GIVE AWAY THE 921 I WON to a SatelliteGuys Member!

However my wife does not want me to, she wants it in the bedroom where we have the 721 currently (And we do have a HDTV in the bedroom)

What to do....

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight. :)
If you can live with the 921 bugs and believe they will eventually be fixed, give away the 721. If I had won, the 921 would replace my 811 in a heartbeat.

Hmmm. Hey Scott - do you think they might've been trying to bribe you?

Not that that would work, but THEY might be stupid enough to think so! :D
I have an idea...

Why not raffle off the extra receiver, either the 721 or 921, with the proceeds going to the Satelliteguys donation fund??

If that doesn't work, you can always just give it me :)


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