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Jun 8, 2009
Santa Cruz, ca
I'm a new Dish Network subscriber with a VIP 722 DVR which I got to replace my cable and ReplayTV. I was tried seaching for movies today using the "themes". I used to use this feature frequently with my ReplayTV. I find with Dish it shows a list of thousands (I could be exaggerating) of movies, most of which are on channels to which I don't subscribe or are pay per view. Is there any way to configure this feature so that I only see movies on channels I subscribe to and are NOT pay per view?

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Nov 18, 2003
Los Alamos, NM
I'm not sure if Locks will remove the extraneous (to you) movies but you could try. For HD, choose either 9417 and higher channels numbers or the better organized map-down channels below 500, not both. With locked channels from the wrong set you may be asked your PIN often. I've done that and they may appear in the lists with PIN required to see their title. Annoying.

I usually use the HD-only guide for most recordings 387 down to 300 5 pages of 7 lines. I supplement with 139 to 122 HD/SD to pick most of the rest of the movies--one page and skip right 3 hours. I don't watch Lifetime or even USA much. You do use the 3-hour guide and not the 1.5 hour one?

You may have more luck with Dish Remote Access web pages. You can select by types (Westerns, musicals, etc.) or channels and look out now, this day, or this 8 day. The ratings a tad lower generally, i.e. they are not the Tribune ones, say 1/3 star lower or less on average. This also allows you to set them directly into your recorder.

Be warned the recorder by Satellite will only define up to 96 titles and some number 250 to 400 of future recording events. The DRA will allow more recordings to be set but then you cannot set any manually until you are below 96. It helps to have Ethernet for it to "see" what you have. The DRA can know multiple recorders but you can only set one at a time.


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If you use the Locks feature and selecting all the unsubscribed channels, then lock the system with the hide locked feature used, none of the selected channels will show in the search functions, either by the title or info search or by using themes.
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Sep 5, 2008
The hidden + locked channels also don't show up in the remote access search either and that's the best of both worlds.

It's 1000 times better than searching for movies on your sat receiver.

Log in to your account and go to 'Remote Access' and try it. You do need your receiver plugged in to the internet though and a few other things setup first, but it's worth it.
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