Seattle Locals on Dish?


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Looks like Dish is having problems with Seattle locals today. 4 (KOMO/ABC), 5 (KING/NBC), 7 (KIRO/CBS), 9 (PBS), 13 (KCPQ/FOX), 16 (KONG/IND/NBC), and 22 (KJZZ/IND) are all presently black. Everything else from 101 on up work fine, but the locals are all black, with no audio. They were all fine last night.
seattle locals

Anyone else not able to view Seattle local channels? Mine went unwatchable about 7:30. Small amount of pixellation but unviewable. Tried hard reboot and check switch. No luck. KSTW 11 actually has a screen saying they know channel is off?

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Depending the stations' owners and spotbeam use, if this carries on you might get network affiliate from a nearby market. Earlier this year WBZ 4 in Boston had an issue uplinking to Dish. WBZ is owned by CBS and is a CBS affiliate. CBS allowed Dish to send Boston WCBS 2 from New York City, because it also is a CBS O&O. This meant that we still got CBS network programming, but we got NYC news and local programming instead of Boston. Once the issue was fixed, which was about a day and a half, the feed switched back to WBZ.


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Lost some Transponders on 110 which is where these Seattle stations are on, was watching Veleocity on 364 and then lost signal.

Suspect Dish is having issues with 110 or uplink issues.


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Having issues in Las Vegas, no pixelation on my Hopper, but the video and audio freeze for a few seconds, and come back for a few, and then freeze again.

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I wonder if this had something to do with it:

2 Sprint fiber optic cuts grounded Alaska Airlines
Associated Press

The computer problem that has cut off Alaska Airlines' ability to put passengers on planes was caused by a combination of two fiber optic cuts in the Sprint system.

Sprint spokeswoman Crystal Davis in Reston, Va., says one occurred at a construction site along railroad tracks between Chicago and Milwaukie, and the other was somewhere between Portland and Seattle.

If there had been only one disruption, the computer system would've been able to reroute the traffic. She says the failure Monday was caused by the combination of the two cuts. It also affected some other Sprint customers in parts of Washington, Oregon and California.


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If that was the problem then the channels would've just gone dark, and not pixelation.

Anyhow when I was having the problem I was troubleshooting my equipment, and on some transponders on 110 I was get a signal level of 3
instead of the usual average of 50