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Aug 25, 2008
I have a few to start it off.

When I was kid someone always went around and smashed Pumpkins around our Neighborhood. So my older brother got the idea of putting needles in our Pumpkin so they pointed out and who ever grabbed it got a big surprise . About 2 in the morning we heard screaming that I still remember to this day. We got up and went outside and saw drops of blood. We never found out who did it .

My wife wanted to win first place in a Halloween Contest so she asked me to think of a costume. I remember a skit from "In Living Color" when a woman put Tampons on her dress like you put ornaments on a Christmas tree. . I told my wife to do the same and when people said things like " Nice dress" she would reply " What? This Old Rag? " She got first place .

In Maine many people give out money for Halloween. Yup, I ate a dime. My parents freaked . It passed about a week later.

We went to Stephen Kings house for Halloween many years ago. He lives in the Bangor Maine area. He doesn't do it anymore because the crowds got too big.

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