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Feb 25, 2016
Farwell, Nebraska
I am a current Shaw Direct customer. I have a 605 receiver with a two dish setup, both with regular LNBFs. I was not using my system for several months but still paid the bill. One day in September 2020, I turned it on to a "Lost Signal" screen. I assumed living in central Nebraska, I had lost the F1 signals after the channel changeover. I have read where the G1 signal map does not reach very far south for a 1 meter dish.

I thought I could still receive some old channels staying put on F2. However, my receiver isn’t even picking up a signal lock. I have attached some pics of my receiver codes. Could anyone help me diagnose on how to proceed. Looking at line B on the diagnostic screen gets me wondering if I have lost authorization from Shaw Direct?

Can I still receive a few channels with my standard LNBF, or do I need to replace/upgrade to the new ones?

If anyone can help me I would be so grateful.


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Jul 9, 2012
The current and only map going forward is 4378. At some point they will wonder and ask why you have not been upgraded to the new lnb. I am not familiar with the 4377 map, but your on ch 299 try ch 002, 212 and see if you get a signal. if not change map to 4323 and try 512.
At this point though if you have internet I would recommend and android box and an IPTV services, you will get way more canadian channels for around $15 a mth than you would ever get on satellite even if you had all the sats. :)


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4377 was the channel map for the "Quad New Lineup" that was being used in the past. As Showtime stated, 4378 is the current (and only) map.

But regardless of the channel map, the OP is getting ZERO signal. Seems like he should check the coax and its connectors, and swap out the LNB for another one to rule out problems between the dish and his receiver. No?

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