SHO-HD Alert: The L Word Tonight at 10pm - Pilot Episode!!

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SHO-HD Alert: The L Word Tonight!!


Do not miss the Pilot Episode Tonight!

The SHOWTIME Original Series, THE L WORD, is about a group of young women in Los Angeles, their lives, careers, and romantic relationships - both gay and straight.

Jenny Schecter (MIA KIRSHNER) is a gifted young writer of fiction who has just graduated from college and arrives in Los Angeles to begin her "adult life" with her boyfriend - soon to be fiancé - Tim Haspel (ERIC MABIUS). Tim and Jenny reside in West Hollywood, next door to Bette Porter (JENNIFER BEALS) and her partner Tina Kennard (LAUREL HOLLOMAN). Bette and Tina have been a couple for seven years and are trying to find the perfect sperm donor to help them start a family as they struggle with their relationship. Bette's and Tina's close network of friends includes Shane McCutcheon (KATHERINE MOENNIG), who is the resident heartthrob; Dana Fairbanks (ERIN DANIELS), a professional tennis player not yet out of the closet; bisexual journalist Alice Pieszecki (LEISHA HAILEY); and Bette's half-sister Kit Porter (PAM GRIER), who is a musician and a recovering alcoholic. In the two-hour pilot, Jenny's plans for her future are shaken when Marina (KARINA LOMBARD), a beautiful and compelling woman who owns a West Hollywood café, makes a pass at her at a party hosted by Bette and Tina. Amid denial and confusion, Jenny starts to question her sexual orientation and her love for Tim. Her attraction to Marina is powerful and ultimately irresistible. Meanwhile, Bette and Tina, stunned at how difficult it is to find a suitable sperm donor, attempt to seduce a handsome, young artist on the night that Tina is about to ovulate. The seduction attempt fails, but the encounter does serve to rekindle, at least momentarily, Bette's and Tina's passion for each other.
:confused: 45 minutes into and I can only say what the heck am I watching? The plot very predictable, picture quality is very grainy in most scenes, and the supposed "hot" scenes are not so "hot" after all. Some of these women do not look good, IMO.

P.S. In the bright scenes I can the picture to be very grainy. Normally you will grainy in dark scenes.
Let me just say this is below quality HD. I cannot even think that this is HD. I can only think of Carnivale in HBO and this is not even close to that. So Sho-HD this is quite below average.
I switched to Species II on Cinema 5. Maybe I just don't get it, but Species II is much more entertaining, more action, more... substance. I guess I'm just a man of the 90s, the 1890s.
The pilot episode was not what I expected. Six Feet Under had a better plot that was intriguing and make you want to see the next episode. This series shows no appeal to me. The stereotype about "Black Man" (like the one trying to give the sperm) was a cheap shot. !sadroll I do not know what was their point in introducing that part. The show carried a lot of hype but the hype is gone and unless the next episodes turn arround and show better quality of picture and better plot, I do not see how it can survive. Heck! Oddissey 5 had better PQ and better plot and it was cancelled by Showtime.
Just finished seeing second episode. PQ improved but the storyline lacks a whole lot. It is so predictable. I am not too sure I want to watch next episode. Is it me or these women do not look very hot? They are slim without figure. I thought Mia would look good on this show but even her does not look that great. Just my opinion. I hope Spice/Playboy HD does ot chooses women like this. I rather see Family Business in SD than this. At least you are watching real flesh in Family Business. BTW, Family Business will have a new season - heard nothing about HD but it would have been great to see it in HD.
For those that like the series, showtime announced the renewal:


Showtime Renews 'The L Word': Showtime said it has renewed its new series, The L Word, for a second season and has ordered 13 more episodes. The renewal comes only 11 days after the show's debut on Jan. 18.
01/30/04 10:10 a.m. PT

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