SHO-HD East: We Were Soldiers @ 8PM tonight!


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Mar 3, 2004
Vernon, CT
Finally got a chance to watch the HD version of this last night, on my new Denon 3805 with 7.1 PLIIx. All I can say is "Wow." It was outstanding. I loved it in the theater, liked it pretty well on DVD, and last night on Voom (projected to my 106" screen) with all that discrete sound I was in heaven.

I really think that was the first time I've gotten to enjoy Voom for any period of time since I've gotten it. I've been so busy wiring, hanging my projector, getting my sound system up, etc; that I just haven't spent long periods with it.

Now if they'd put ESPN on so I could watch the draft this weekend, that might change!
I totally blew out a new Velodyne DD-12 subwoofer watching this movie with a Yamaha Z9 9.1 system. The cone separated from the rest of the speaker. At least Tweeter is switching it out for a DD-15. :shocked

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