Should I get the Panasonic ST30 or wait until the ST50 is released.


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Jul 6, 2011
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Hi! I am going to buy a new tv and am looking at CNET and they have the ST30 as a great value, and I saw one in bestbuy and was blown away. Only question is whether I should get that one discounted or wait until march and get the ST50. I will be getting it in the 55" varient. Thanks everyone. If there are any better tv's for the money please let me know!

ST30 is very nice, heck of a deal. The 2012 panasonics look to have better black levels (ST30 is great already), but its an all new driving scheme so it's unknown what annoyances may be introduced. All panels have quirks, just part of the game. I'd buy the ST30 now and enjoy.
Jason's comments don't count since he would likely buy the ST30 now and then trade it in on the ST50 when it was released :D

However, consider that the ST50 likely won't hit stores for 4-6 months yet. There will always be something better "just around the corner". The sanest strategy is to research what is out now, buy the best you can and then stop shopping completely until that set no longer meets your needs. If the ST30 makes you happy now, it is unlikely that the ST50 will make you happier UNLESS you obsess about the newer model. In that case nothing will make you happy.

I will say, I was always a Fall/Winter TV buyer, then I jumped on that Spring "get em while they are new" buying. Never again.

I like waiting till Oct/Nov, prices have reduced drastically, AND there are a ton of reviews allowing to know all the problems of a display before you buy.

I love my D7000, dont get me wrong, but knowing everything I know right now, I would have not bought it in April, and bought a 65VT30 late last year for about the same price. Not that the VT30 is this huge upgrade, but it does have better blacks, and I would have spent the same money.

I think if you buy now you get a proven, safe display for 2011. If you buy a ST50 in April, you over-pay and who the hell knows what you get ;)
You can get good deals on the ST, GT, and VT series now as they are close to being completely cleared out to make room for the new models. So you need to decide, good deal or the latest and greatest.

I'm starting to see the VT50 65" calling my name, but I am trying to resist the dark side


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