Should Spike TV be moved in the channel line up?


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Sep 7, 2003
Seems to me, that Spike TV would be more at home next to fx, than it is next to Nogin. What do you guys think?
I assume you are talking about Dish, but the problem is the same on DirecTV. There are tons of channels I'd like to see moved. CNN and ESPN are down in the low 200's while the news is in the mid 300's and the sports is in the 600's. I can't stand that.
I really wish they would realign the Discovery channels. All the channels owned by discovery; Travel Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Discovery H&L, Discovery Wings, Discovery Times, TLC, Discovery Health should all be put in a row. These channels are scattered and have similar content and should be put together.
DirecTV has the Discovery group all together... The only problem with that is that Home and Garden and DIY are nowhere near Discovery H&L.
Well I could live with Discovery H&L out of the group but I really think Dish should group the rest together.
Well, I voted "Move it elsewhere" because I'm still holding out hope that "Trio" will end up on channel 136. Trio was uplinked THREE TIMES previously and every time on channel 136. I say TNN should go on channel 134. Nothing has been scheduled there as long as I've been keeping track of these things.

While we're at it.

The Travel Channel should go to channel 199 (original placement of Wisdom Channel though never placed there for subs)
Discovery (the original) should go to 196
TLC should go to 197 (Goodlife has been uplinked here twice before, but read on)
Animal Planet to 198

And finally, Goodlife to 180! Right in the middle of the family block.

Additionally, have Dish offer the Discovery Pack for $5.99 or $7.99 a month if they can work out a deal with the Discovery Networks! Make it available only with AT50 or something. Or bundle it in "Discover America's Top 50" for $32.99/ mo. (What a deal) Have channels 179 and 192-199 available.

Why not move Discovery Kids? Because it's in the Kids block where it needs to stay.

Everything else looks okay. :)

See ya

Discovery HD on 9420 AND 9421

6000 now or 811 later

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