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Nov 25, 2003
It’s vacation time again, and my Sister and Brother-in-Law have arrived at our summer vacation home to open it for the season. They’ve had a few hiccups getting things going (they arrived right after the big storm system had gone through the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan, so no power for a few hours after arrival) but instead of waiting until a new day, my BiL called Dish to reactivate our Pay-As-You-Go account. Mistakes were made…

I got the text the day after saying the one receiver in the Living Room didn’t have any of the channels it should. The 211k in the bedroom was fine. I tried logging into the vacation account and it said it was deactivated and I needed to call 800-333-DISH. Looking at the email address the E-Bills go to, it had a Dish Protection email as well as some Identity Protection service welcome message. ???

Well, after the tree trimmer stopped by to lop off 20’ of pine tree, the living room receiver was still not getting its channels, so they called Dish again. After a series of plug-pulls and reauthorization attempts, it still didn’t show the programming they paid for.

I got involved and we quickly figured out the the Dish CSR who took the original call did not activate the cabin’s Pay-As-You-Go account, but created a new PAYG account in his name. And since the receiver in the Living Room was the Primary Receiver on the original PAYG account, it was never released to the new account.

Adding insult to injury, because the original PAYG account had the 211 DVR function added, the new account didn’t recognize the USB HDD plugged into the receivers, so no trick play, extended guide, or recordings.

So I called Dish tonight and spoke with Rosario who got us half way there when we got cut off after being on hold for 35 minutes while she was doing her magic in the background. I called back hoping I might be able to get reconnected, but I spoke with Amy and she was able to take over and get us the rest of the way to restoring the 211 receivers to the Flex Pack with Locals.

When we hung up, it had taken about two hours total to get Dish TV service back running for my Sister and Brother-in-Law. And it was past their bedtime so they will explore their satellite reception on Thursday.

Again, thank you to Rosario and Amy for putting up with us and solving our problems. DISH Support - if you can, pass on my thanks to them as we got cut off mid-call with Rosario and she had been able to cancel the new Account and put the refund wheels into motion.
Well, at least you have the service back.

You think Rosario should have called you back assuming her phone has caller ID. I can't tell you how many times they (generally speaking any support person with any company) won't call back when the conversation is interrupted. You call back and start all over with another person wasting all that time.
We always have the help person write down our phone number after we say 'hello'. The line is cut off, he or she calls back.
Shouldn't the rep have the ability to bypass the next person and call the customer back she was talking to? I reckon that technology exists by pushing one button on fancy office phone.

Speaking of customer service, we had a printer color issue today. Called Epson cust. service and some Southeast Asian call center answered. After hearing what the issue was, she started reading from manual! We told her we followed those instructions. She claimed she was doing system update and would call us back in five minutes. That was 6 hours ago! We decided to watch some Youtube videos and ran a power clean test. That solved our problem.
Shouldn't the rep have the ability to bypass the next person and call the customer back she was talking to? I reckon that technology exists by pushing one button on fancy office phone.
Call center reps do not typically use standard phones. In most cases, they use headsets and computer screens. Calls are routed through a computer system that manages call allocations, timing, and tracks whatever call metrics the company wants. What the CSR's are allowed to do is controlled by established policies.

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