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    So I tried signing my parents up for Dish tonight via the website and it comes back that they have an account and it asks for me to call in. Now my parents did have Dish but they canceled the service back in October of 2017 when they sold their home and moved. So it’s been 8 months now and I’m wondering why they still have an account and don’t qualify as new customers? I plugged in my dads info instead and got the same message so I called and of course they won’t just close the account and make it so I can sign up online. They want the credit so their pushing me to do it through them. It was rather frustrating and while we want 3 tvs the rep has us getting a Hopper Duo. I’m pretty sure Duo means 2 so how it supports 3 tvs is beyond me. I also want to take advantage of the Ebates $150 back which the rep claimed he could get us with the code. I’ve been burned before signing up over the phone and with 2 little ones in the house it’s just easier to do it online. He also wanted to run a credit check before giving us a monthly rate. Can someone on DIRT assist? Thanks in advance.
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    A Hopper Duo would not support three TV's. You would need to add a Wally to the account, or go with a traditional Hopper (not the Duo).
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    This is not all that unusual with previous account holders. Call the number they give during regular business hours tomorrow and they will tell you the scoop. It could be a number of things stopping it, un-returned equipment, a balance due, etc. It won't do any good to speculate here, just call in. They can clear it up an un-tag the account so it can built for a new order.
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