Signal loss with decent signal strength?


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Oct 23, 2003
Central IL
I've been noticing more pixelation and dropouts on recorded programs. Just checked signal strength and getting in the low 70s for 110, mid 60s for 119, but only low 50s on 129. From what I see on here, even the 50s are "good" signal strength per Dish, correct?

Granted, this is with clear skies currently.

The dish is in the same location it's been in for 7 years, and there are zero trees anywhere near its path. I have a single Hopper 3 with no OTA or Joeys. Live in Central Illinois. The LNBFs were replaced when the Hopper 3 came out. (2 years ago?).

Anyway, wondering what else may be causing the dropouts that I'm seeing lately. Bad cables, connectors, failing LNBF? Other ideas?

I've always laughed at the scare tactic commercials that cable tv runs talking about rain fade and loss of signal, as I only have that in the most severe storms, and even then, about 20 minutes BEFORE the storm even gets here. But lately, I can see how those scare tactics would work in people.


I guess ultimately I should schedule a service call. I dropped the protection plan, but do they still allow one to add it back on at the same time when arranging a service call? And then the service is free, or low cost?
If you rewind and play again are they still there? If not may be your hdmi cable. I was having audio drop outs and ended up being the cable.

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