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Apr 11, 2006

I resubscribed to dish a few months ago. Since then I lose signal on 129 and 110 on cloudy and/or light rainy days. The signal strength on 129-32, 110-62, 119-75. I have the Dish protection plan, but apparently I still have to pay $29.99 for a tech to come out.

I'm assuming that during the installation the dish was not pointed correctly. Could there be another problem?


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Sep 29, 2006
Bay Minette, Al
If you have the modified signal meter, those signals are not to far off. Maybe it could stand a little bit of tweaking. It is something you can do yourself if you feel up to it.. Without a meter it's helpful to have a second person that can watch the on screen meter. Don't loosen any bolts at first. Go to the signal screen and select the 129 satellite and a mid range transponder.. At the dish push or pull side to side or up and down gently and watch the signal screen to see which way it might improve.. When you know which way you need to go loosen the appropriate bolts and make slight (Very slight) movements while still having someone watching inside and letting you know what it does. When the 129 rises to it's max, tighten it all back up and go enjoy. Some find it helpful to make some type of marks on the dish at the original settings in case you go to far and loose everything. That way you have a starting point to go back to..

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