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Apr 1, 2004
I was wondering if I am able to get signal to two different houses under the same contract.

Meaning if I sign up for an account and activate 4 boxes, can I use 2 boxes at one house and 2 boxes at another house. Assuming that I have an extra dish to receive the signal.

The reason I am asking is that we have 2 houses next to each other and I don't want to run a cable from one house to another. I rather just buy another dish since all the boxes are activated under one account.

Thanks for the help.
One account per house. Having the cable between or a separate dish is stacking, even if it is only one house away. (Can't do it legally between apartments either - each residence needs its own contract.)

Now if you are talking about one residence on the same property that happens to be split into two buildings, there are plenty of people with a receiver in the garage or detached workshop - all paid for as one residence as it IS one residence. But you said two houses.

BTW: The more receivers you have, the more likely that E* will require that you have them connected to a phone line ... the same phone line. They don't bother lower receiver count accounts as much on that rule.


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