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M Law

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Sep 30, 2003
Well I finally did it, signed up for Dish today. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, got into the system 5 minutes before the promotion ended today (at least that is the line the local seller/installer told me). Signed up for an 811 and a 522, with the HD and AT120 pak. The Rx’ers are in stock, and install is scheduled for next week. Throw in 3 free months of programming and HBO, how could I lose? On Monday I will be ordering an ExpressVu 6000 so I can get the US nets in HD (don’t even have OTA SD where I am). Combine the two and if the equipment performs well (still to be seen), it beats cable hands down.

Picked E* over D* on the simple basis of not wanting to deal with Pegasus, and didn’t want to buy equipment, at least not now. The combo of the 811 and 522 could not be beat IMO. Charter Cable is the local provider, been bugging them for months about getting any HD channel. They were pretty blunt, when you could talk to someone who even knew what HD was, no HD plans at all. Final straw - that they just rolled out an SA DVR, and they want $9.98 per month!

The main point of this post is just to say that this site has been so helpful in determining what course to take. May not post that much, but I read a lot, and the info has been invaluable. Took one other step today, and that was to become a paid member here at SatelliteGuys. It’s the least I can do; support the forum that supported me when I needed info and a little help.

Now if the gear will just perform as advertised (a bit IF), I will be one happy camper!

M Law

Welcome, M Law. E* takes a beating here- but I'm very happy with my service :) Enjoy.

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