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Dec 3, 2003
Had *D wasn't impressed.Although TIVO was pretty cool. Had *V great programming but very bad service and to many ird issues.

Here is my questions

1) HBO in HD only one channel or two? , Same Q for showtime.

2) on the DHA are they not charging the mirror fee anymore for a second outlet? ( My dealer says he can get me an 811 and a 522 free and I only get charged for 5.00 vod fee if I don't take AETP. Is he right ?

3) Is the PQ compressed bad ? do you think I will like the service as I'm sure a lot of you guys have had at least *D before.

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Too many cables
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Sep 25, 2003
Norman, OK
Dish only carries the east feed of SHO and HBO HD

The DHA uses boxes that serve 2 tvs, in your case the 811 would do one TV the 522 will do 2 TVs. The way I believe it works now is that you pay $5/month for the extra box that serves 2 TV (assuming you have AEP and have it plugged into the phone line). It is a rental fee (from dish):

*In addition to a $5.00 per month equipment rental fee per receiver, a $4.99 per month additional outlet programming access fee will be charged for each dual-tuner (DISH 322 or DISH Player-DVR 522) receiver. The $4.99 programming access fee will be waived monthly for each such receiver that is continuously connected to Customer’s phone line each month.

The compression between Dish and DIRECTV is about the same (i.e. they seem to allocate about the same bandwidth per channel), but they do the compression differently. DIRECTV has a sharper picture but pixelates more, Dish softens the picture but pixelates less. You will need to adjust your TV to optimize the results from one system to the other. Some like Dish, some like DIRECTV, some like both, some like neither. You will get endless arguments on both sides. For me with a TV all nicely adjusted I tend to be happy with the Dish picture. Of course the OTA Digital and satellite HDTV channels on Dish are perfect.


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May 27, 2004
Hello Trindle,

1) one of each I believe

2) You will be charges $5 for the VOD if no AETP, & $5 for one additional reciever(*11 & %22).You will save an additional $5 fee on a third reciever with the 522.

3) PQ is subjective. Everyone has thier own opinion.


SatelliteGuys Family
Dec 3, 2003
Oh I see I couldn't find the part about not charging if the receiver was connected to the phone line. And I don't get to watch a lot of tv because my wife has been battling with breast cancer for 14 months now but when I do I hate rain fade, was really bad on *V . But the HD is what I watch mostly when I do.

Thank you very much for your input I really appreciate it !!
You guys here at SATGUYS ARE GREAT !!!
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