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May 21, 2004
I am pretty new to DISH so please bear with me. I have read in several different places something about a single tv mode on the 522 and how it is not activated yet. What is single tv mode and what will be the advantage to having it? :confused:
You can look elsewhere in the forums for a better understanding, but basically, it's just using that second output - instead of going to a second TV - on the same TV. That means you could have picture-in-picture, and record a show on tuner 2 while watching tuner 1, all from just one TV.
I don't know when E* is set to activate the feature, but it should be within the next few months...
Thanks for the info! When they do activate this, would it be possible for me to get a second receiver for my bedroom and use the TV 1 and 2 in the living room to record and watch tv?
You can already use "single mode", but it would require having both remotes in hand....

When single mode is activated, just get a 301 receiver (you might be able to get one from Dish and change your DHA from a 2-room to a 3-room plan) for the bedroom. With some add'l wiring and multiple inputs on the 2nd TV, you could even continue to watch DVR events on the bedroom TV.
Thank you very much! Now I can't wait to have the single mode activated!!!!!
gpflepsen said:
Doesn't single mode mean both tuners will work on one TV output?
Yes, I think that's technically what it means. What I described is just a workaround 'til it does work.... As I said, you still need both remotes to do this, which isn't exactly convenient.