siteing in a 1000.2 dish


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Mar 26, 2005
Sure this has been discussed but here goes,
Ive been installing dish for over 10 years, but dont do many now.
When siteing in a dish 1000.2 I currently use a accu trac III (?) because my old digi sats dont seem to work properly. I can peak the dish but still find I cant get a max signal with it. Seem to always have to move the dish down and to the right per the customers screams when peaking 129.
I love some input from others on tips, meters lnb's used.
I know I dont want to buy a Supper buddy or Put the old dish pro lnb's on to site it in and then have to replace them.

PS, I use the Accu trac now because it works with Wild Blue also.


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Feb 6, 2005
Akron, Ohio, United States
Without changing out your meter, have you actually tried powering up the LNB while using your meter on one of the other ports (preferably Port 1)? It usually seems to work with most of the older meters I used to use.

For the record, I uses a Accutrac III Plus with no problems. Not to mention it does work with the Ka/Ku LNBs from Direct.

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