SKY Mexico Splitter?


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Mar 2, 2011
I have 3 HD receivers that I need connected to a stacked LNB but I lost the splitter. Can someone help figure out which one I need? I know the receivers are setup in master/slave configuration and I tried a splitter with all ports DC pass thru but only the master receiver gets all the channels the other two only see the channel 100, 206, and 1107. Thanks
Is it a switch or a splitter that I need for a master slave configuration? I have 1 master and 2 slave receiver units but I've tried a dc pass splitter and that doesn't work. am I missing something?
i once maid a connection to sky west just to mess around
and used a universal lnb quattro not quad
then connected L/H H/V H/L L/V polarities and gave me a good signal upto8 receivers
on like on ku band amplifier combiner and then the wind took down my dish

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