Sling Adapter with Hopper with Sling?


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Oct 1, 2013
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Just got Dish setup yesterday, Hopper with Sling and one Joey. So far everything works as advertised and the streaming is excellent... streaming was a big reason we came back to Dish after two years away.

One thing I knew going in was only one device can stream at a time; no problem most of the time, but occasionally my wife and I are both traveling for work (separately) and both want to stream something. I know I could get another Hopper for $200 and make it work that way (which was my thought when ordering, try it out, see if it works well, then order a second Hopper).

Today it occurred to me to ask if I plug a sling adapter into my Hopper with Sling will that let both of us stream TV when we're away from home? Essentially with the built in sling adapter and an external sling adapter can I sling two streams to two different places?


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Jul 2, 2010
No, unfortunately that won't work. Most likely you can get a Hopper 2000 for that Sling Adapter for a good bit less than $200.

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Oct 13, 2003
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Use a Stand-Alone Sling

No, not with a sling adapter. But if you get a stand-alone sling it would work (assuming no one is home trying to watch). The Stand-Alone looks like a user sitting locally. I have my Sling Pro-HD hooked up with my HWS since there some things you can't do from DishAnywhere (like external HDD management).

Note that you'll need to use the Sling software to use the External Sling box (Dish Anywhere will not work). So, you'd have to use either a PC Sling viewer, or purchase the Sling app for IOS or Android.

Another interesting option would be to hook the Stand Alone Sling to a Joey. Would work with the composite out (probably fine for internet viewing). But, if you want to stream in Hi-Def you'd need an HDMI to Component adapter to get the Sling hooked up (note that you can still watch Hi-Def channels with the composite out -> just down rezz'd).

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