Slow response from the 721


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Oct 12, 2003
Hi All,

This may have been covered but as a newbe, I hope not to annoy but to learn. It seems to me that the 721 has a very slow response to the remote is this normal or is my (or soon to be my) new jewel just slow? :eek:
It seemed to perk up a bit for me with this new release. It was dog slow before, but seems peppier now...

Could be my imagination though.
Actually with the new release it has been slow, and even stopped doing anything, so I did a reboot this morning.. Probably normal wackiness of the 721
Remember that the 721 is a little sluggish after it is first hooked up. The same effect may be occurring after a new software version......

It seemed pretty responsive last night for me, although there was one stretch where it froze for about 7 seconds and then unfroze(I was waiting for the spontaneous reboot that usually occurs when it freezes like that)

What will be said on tonight's Tech Chat?

SUPERDISH - Do I need it ? and when?

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