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Nov 3, 2006
Has anyone else noticed that it is taking a lot longer during channel changes for the next station to come on? It's taking about 8 seconds before the new sound and picture!! I think it started a few days ago.

Does anybody know about this? It's really cutting down on channel surfing.

I have the JVC 322, both tv1 and tv2 are effected, and tried doing a power reset without success. Also, the second receiver is doing the same thing. Signal strength is high.

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Well 1st what receiver do you have?? You tried unpluging the receivers for about 3-4 minutes plug them back in see what happens.
Slow channel changes are a fact of life with digital satellite (though I agree with you, 8 seconds sounds abnormal). The best thing is to quit the habit of "surfing" as is quite popular with analog cable, and instead use the guide to find what you want. That way you only experience the delay once when you push the "select" button.
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My 622 is doing the same thing, on HD and SD. I called CS and they had no answers. I am getting no pixelization, so it shouldn't be the dish alignment. I switched separators, but still the same thing.

I have done a hard reset (5 minutes) and it does seem to help. I have read over in the HD forum that the 622's need a "reset" every so often anyway....

Sounds like we are back to "Windows 95" and resets every week...

reminds me of something I saw somewhere (maybe here!) the other day.

"I have to reboot Windows every day - my computer is doing fine but my shoe is wearing out"

Edit: just tried this on my 622 and it's 3-4 seconds, consistent over SD, HD and OTA channels. I think something is wrong with your receiver.
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As stated, I have the JVC 322 receivers, and yes, I did the power reset.

This seems to be the only problem I'm having.

Time for new channel to display - 8 sec. It is taking so long that when changing channels the channel info bar at the top of the screen quits displaying (like it's supposed to) then 3 sec. later the channel comes in.

I 'surf' using the guide, what I meant to say was that it's taking time to recall between 2 channels.

I found something weird...when i tune to CNN Headline news, it comes in at the normal speed, about 3 seconds. So far, that's the only channel I've seen that works properly. When tuning to another channel from that one it is slow again.

It's all just crazy weird.

I appreciate the help.
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I just tried some channels that I don't normally use, some of them are switching faster, but most are still slow...including the music channels.

I'm not sure why, but the only thing that would make sense is that the receiver is taking extra time to decode the digital format, but don't know why and why now...on some channels. Like I had said before, the signal strength is high on both sats.
if you really feel like spending some time troubleshooting there are a couple of things you can try...
first off... try to figure out if the channels that are slow are perhaps on a certain satellite or transponder (you can do this by going to the channel, then opening the signal strength screen.... whatever satellite/transponder the meter is on, is where that specific channel is located),
or if the slow down only occurs when you change channels that causes you to go between satellites instead of staying on the same satellite (if this was happening i'd blame a switch for the slow down)
also, do you have more than one 322 and is the slowdown happening on both receivers, on the same channels? if so its not a receiver issue, its a signal/lnb/switch problem

just some things to think about
I checked a few of the channels and didn't find a connection between changing channels between different sats. Still having the 8 second delay on most channels - HIST, SCIFI, AMC, and all locals and music.... others like HHN and MSNBC come in in the normal 3 second time.

I ran the 'check switch' just in case and it showed ok.

I don't have a clue what's going on.
Noticed this last night on my 625. Went to listen to some music and it took forever to start playing. Channel came up... Dish network top info bar want away and the neat blue box that displays the song information came up blank... a few moments latter and I was enjoying my music...

guess sometimes... (Hope not often) patience is a virtue!
I have a 522 and they sent me a new reciver and it is still doing the same thing tried everything dish says to do nothing work hope someone can figer it out
I been having the same problen with my 522 dish network has change out my recverie twice and it is still taking from 5 to 8 second to change channels.
Working fine now.

Got up Friday morning and all was working properly. I'm guessing that I received an update that fixed it. Nothing else was done. :confused:

I hope that the others with this problem have had good results, too.
Same problem here with both 622s we have. Haven't checked the other receivers.

Try going from AE HD to the non HD channel below it. Takes forever to come up. Even the channel label at the top disappears it takes so long.

Then go from AE HD to TNT HD and it comes up in 3-4 seconds like it normally would.

I would guess that it has something to do with the signal being sent to the switch. When the channel is on the same satellite it comes right up, but maybe when it has to go from 110 to 129 it seems to take forever.
Same thing here. ~8 seconds to change. Problem showed up sometime after 7:00 pm eastern. No problem before that time. Been with Dish since Voom went dark. Gotta be a something with the signal. And no, reboot doesn't fix 'this' problem.

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