Smart card replacement nightmare


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Jan 27, 2004
Parker, CO
I have a 6000 reciever, two dishes feeding all six inputs into SW64 switch and Pioneer 610HD display. I received my smart card replacement in the mail a week ago and I decided on Friday (4/16) to make the switch. After reading the instructions included with the card, I make the swap and log onto the website to activate the card. After activation, I realize that not all of my channels are in the guide and some in the guide cannot be locked and viewed. But the movie I want to see can be locked and viewed, so I wait until Saturday (4/17) to invesitigate the problem further.

On Saturday, I go into signal strength section and check the switch. Now the 6000 is unable to identify the switch. First it tells me it is a sw21 and cannot lock onto any of the three satellite's I normally get. Retest and now it claims to be a 500 quad switch and can find 119 even and 110 odd. This continues with each time you run test switch it identifies a different model of switch being connected. I disconnect the incoming sat, retest the switch, power cycle the receiver and reinstall the smart card and each time a different switch is dectected. In frustration I call the dreaded 1-800-333-DISH number.

I explain I feel the problem is with the card change since my system has worked flawlessly prior to the change. The CSR tells me to activate the card. This had been previously done but I'm keen to try their suggestion. Now the CSR has to transfer the call to the activation people who assure all will be right in 5 mins. I hang up wait 30 mins. and check the reciever again. No change in the problem. Another call to CSR and 45 mins. later after having me retry all the previous power cycles, remove and replace smart card, disconnect sat feed to receiver; he believes my switch is bad. He offers to begin a warranty program for $5.99/ month and this will cover a replacement SW64 for no additional cost.

I agree, but I am thinking it seems strange to have the switch go out right after the replacement of the smart card. Now a day later, Sunday (4/18) and the mystery switch problem is gone, the receiver identifies the switch correctly and all my channels are back. Nothing was changed on the configuration from not working to working. The weather was clear and dry during all of this and hence not a possible cause.

So was I tricked into getting warranty I did not need because of something done by E* to my receiver during the card swap? Has this happened to anyone else?
*shakes head* I'm beginning to lose faith in the Church of E*

The chances of the smart card replacement breaking the SW64 are astronomically high.

Call up tech support, if that smart card doesn't work, reactivate your old one or demand they send a replacement 6000 (after you cancel your DHPP) because everything was working fine before THEIR smart card broke YOUR reciever.

I would not pay $5.99 a month, and 29 bucks a trip because of a mistake I did not make.
I got my yellow cards today and swapped them in a 6000 and a 501. The 6000 was no problem the 501 took a little longer for programming. Both required a switch test and DISH could definitely take lessons from Directv in doing a card swap. I guess it took about 15 minutes but when I've done them for Directv it was 2 or 3 minutes to do the card swap.
I swapped out my 6000 and 501 cards last weekend and they were active before I got from my computer to the TV.
My 6000 took the new card ok, but it was no longer able to look at 4 satellites successfully. I had to remove the SW21 from the configuration and just go with the SW64.

Try going into the menus and reset the 6000 to factory defaults, do a switch test, remove the smart card to force a hard reboot, if all that fails try doing NV ram reset:

To do a NV ram reset on the 6k do:

1. menu->system setup->diagnostics
2. Press info on remote then right >> then left << then the info button again (while you are looking at the memory dump)

It will then tell you to turn off unit. You will have to then do a switch test again since all the configuration data will be gone.
bcshields - I'm dumping the warranty, no doubt. I've had the 6000, JVC DVHS (Fried by lightening strike), DishPlayer, and a 4000. All have had quirks but the smartcard replacement stops hacking (except maybe by E*) by disabling receiver if your using a hacked smartcard. Or maybe if the install of the virus and anti-virus software by E* work together to constantly be ready to disable your equipment if a hacked card is detected or if your new card is not recognized. Or possibly because I've had this 6000 since early 2000 and it has some strange chipset. What say you Mulder & Scully's lurking out there?

DarrellP - Did you have an SW64 or another switch?

Mike123abc and Smith, P. - When I had the CSR on the phone I was told to remove the input cable to the receiver and run switch test to clear the memory. Wished I had known your simpler way. Also my point of my post was a problem seemed to be created by the card change and whose solution I believe to have been downloaded. I do not believe the sw64 was broken just that a certain download during the transition did not execute properly. See if you pop the sw21 back in they way it was if your problem remains gone.

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